iSlay Holiday Edition T-shirt!

Just in time for the holiday season, the Sincerely, Vee 'iSlay' t-shirts are ready to be worn by you, you and you! You will be slaying for a great cause as proceeds from each sale will benefit the Sincerely, Vee's 'Focus on Your Education' Scholarship Program. The program supports students as they receive financial aid during UniversIty. 


What exactiy does iSlay stand for? 

I am Self-Made 

I am Liberated

I am Authentic

I am Youthful

The SV 'iSlay' t- shirt is available in black or white, round neck/loose fit, sizes: S-XL

To pre-order the Sincerely, Vee 'iSlay' holiday edition t-shirt for 80 GHC, send an email to A mobile money number will be given to you and boom, you will have your iSlay t-shirt in time for the holidays. 

Thank you for supporting a cause I am passionate about. Education is the key to success.