The Life of A Mumpreneur!

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What is a Mumpreneur? It’s quite simple. A mumpreneur is a woman who runs her own business while caring for her child or children.

First let me break down all that I currently do.

I am a mom first; the BEST job in the world. I am the CEO of Sincerely, Vee; a brand I birthed almost 10 years ago. Under Sincerely, Vee is a television show, a foundation, SV Products and the Focus on Your Education Foundation. I am the mastermind of The Post Pregnancy Boujie Express, Vanessa Gyan Productions and I also run Yes, at this moment I write all the features on the site. I recently soft-launched my baby boutique, Bon Pour Les Bebe, which made perfect sense being that I have a child and i’m a lover of fashion.

I know it seems as though I am handling a lot but personally, I can say i’ve quickly figured out how to balance the mumpreneurship life. Everyday is NOT a breeze but everyday is definitely worth it. Being a mumpreneur gives me the greatest gift which is spending all the time with my son. As I type, I can say I have not missed any special moment of my son’s growth the past 15 months. From his first tooth to his first words to even his very first steps, I have witnessed it all.

Although I have quickly figured out my balance and what fits my lifestyle, not everyone has figured it out. My goal is for every mom to be the best in all they do without losing themselves and with minimal stress.

Here are a few tips on Mumpreneurship:

  1. WHATEVER venture it is you want to delve into, PLEASE make sure you are PASSIONATE about it. It really makes it more enjoyable for you. Yes, there will be stressful days BUT as they say, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

  2. Begin your day early. You may be working from home but still treat is as though you are working a corporate 9-5; meaning take a shower (LOL) and get dressed.

  3. Every weekend, set your schedule for the following week and delegate tasks to your workers.


  5. It’s not about working harder but about working SMARTER.

  6. Don’t be afraid of tweaking a few things to make your business BETTER.


  8. TAKE each day as it comes.

  9. On your toughest days, look at your child/children and remember how blessed you are.

  10. Lastly, ENJOY being a SUPERMOM.