Five Boss Babes You Should Follow On Social Media!

Every few months, I share on my instaStory women I recommend you should follow on social media. When you open any of your social media accounts whether it be instagram, twitter, snapchat, whichever one, it should be filled with motivation. If you’re not gaining anything from the people you follow then i’m sorry it’s time to hit the UNFOLLOW button and do a social media follow/unfollow cleanse.

Below are FIVE Boss Babes that you should definitely be following. They are hard-working, inspiring, beautiful and self-less in so many ways. You know, sometimes you wake up and ask yourself, “What’s next?”, “Am I where i’m supposed to be?”, “Why aren’t things moving fast enough?” and following any of these Boss Babes will give that daily push to never doubt yourself.

  1. Nina Parker - My love for American media personality runs deep. Deep as in from her days at TMZ. Some of you may also recognize her as the host of the Love & Hip Hop reunions. Over the years, Nina has truly blossomed into this powerhouse woman but the glitz and glam didn’t happen over night. From quitting her corporate job to fulfill her passion; the past 12 years, Nina has put in the work to make her dreams a reality. Nina Parker first gained national notability on TMZ which later opened the doors at the ‘Insider’ and ‘Access Hollywood’. Fast forward, Nina can be seen hosting E!’s ‘E Nightly Pop’ and ‘Dating No Filter’. Follow @mzgossipgirl on social media.

  2. Myleik - This beauty is a MUMprenuer. She is the creator of CurlBox. Curlbox is a monthly subscription which sends its members tons of hair products. What I love most about Myleik’s social media is that it’s unfiltered. I admire the brand Myleik has built while being real about the hardships she's been through. Her MyTaughtYou podcasts are relatable to women all across the world. Myleik shares her truths which gives other women the courage to also open up and not be afraid to reveal their truths. Last year while pregnant with her first child, this Boss Babe kicked off the maiden edition of Mtyretreat, bringing together women of color or a weekend filled with relaxation, networking, inspirational talk, and real life discussions in Mexico. The retreat was a massive success with the second edition approaching. Follow @Myleik on social media!

  3. Adrienne Bosh - For those who have been following me for some time know that I had the opportunity to interview Adrienne Bosh a few years back and she is the sweetest woman ever. She’s a wife, a mom, a philanthropist, a MUMpreneur and a fashionista. Her social media is filled with positive energy. Whether it’s a quote, her daily life, supporting her husband, or being hands on with their children, while running her personal business, she always exudes happiness. She’s also a huge supporter of other women and uplifting them every chance she gets. Follow @mrsAdrienneBosh on social media and in her own words, “Sparkle and shine darling.!”

  4. Peace Hyde - Over the past five years, Peace Hyde’s career has BOOMED. The television personality and philanthropist launched Aim Higher Africa, an non-profit initiative focused on enriching the standard of education in Africa. She landed a major role as the Forbes West Africa Correspondent and was appointed head of digital media and partnerships for Forbes Africa. Follow @peacehyde on socialmedia!

  5. Jeannie Mai - From the beginning of her career as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics to hosting ‘How Do I Look?’ and the Miss Universe Pageant, there was always an IT factor about Jeannie. With an extensive resume filled with ambassadorial deals, stints on TLC, Extra and much more, the California-born talk show host is shining brighter than ever. As a co-host on ‘The Real’, Jeannie in the past has opened up about her life; from not wanting kids to her very publicized divorce to turning 40 just a few days ago. With turning 40, Jeannie is happier, healthier and has found more purpose in life. Follow @thejeanniemai on social media!

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Nina Parker

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Mrs. Bosh

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Peace Hyde

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Jeannie Mai